13 February 2013

John Greed Valentine's Day Competition

Hi guys,
I while back I received an e-mail from John Greed jewellery which talked about a Valentine's day competition! I entered their previous Pandora charm bracelet competition before which I really enjoyed creating and so I am also entering this! The prize is £250 to spend on John Greed Jewellery! You can view all details here.

So you have to create a mood board consisting of Valentine's Day inspired jewellery that totals up to no more than £250 and instantly (as cliche as it sounds) I thought of hearts. If there are no hearts, it's 'technically' not Valentine's Day! 
I selected jewellery that I personally would love to receive and I selected them because for me each has a meaning behind it. I think jewellery should always have some sort of a memory and meaning to it. My total came up to £247.91 :D

I chose this gorgeous mother of pearl pendent because of the pearl. Pearls are gorgeous. They are also very rare to find and the process in which they are extracted and polished takes a while just as a loving bond between two people would. I love the intricacy on top of the pearl which for me is like love as well. I think the word 'love gets thrown around alot but to me it means alot. It's intricate and it takes a while for it to be build up which I feel this pendent represents.

I love this ring. It's simple and has a lovely vintage touch to it. For me and alot of other people, rings represent a strong bond, somewhat eternity. I know it sounds alot but I think a nice ring from your loved one can represent commitment which it kinda does. I love how simple yet elegant this ring this and it would make a gorgeous little gift!

I LOVE keys. I believe in the whole, 'the key to your heart' phrase. Yes, I do. Instead of a necklace, I chose this key charm which so beautiful and will look like a perfect addition to one of my charm bracelets. When I add charms onto my bracelets, I have to make sure and be careful at what I pick because I want them all to be meaningful to me. I don't have a key charm but maybe one day, I will receive one!

I have to say, these little simple heart studs are so pretty and dainty. A while back some of my friends in college were asking people about what they thought the definition of love to them was (for a survey) and I read on that sheet of paper so many answers and all so different. I was also asked this and I said that love to me means simplicity. I think love is actually quite simple but nowadays we just make it very difficult and that's what these heart studs reminded me off. These are so simple but they have an impact, which is why I selected them.

I adore classic jewellery and this reminds me of a piece of jewellery that my mum owns from when she got married which I still love to this day. I love the simplicity this has which takes me back to my point about love being simple and it will also make any outfit. I love the clear crystals that are set in the outer part of the pendent making the center even more beautiful. This is such a stunning piece. In love. 

You probably have now seen the Pilgrim jewellery pattern. It's my favourite area to look at on the John Greed website! Their jewellery is just gorgeous! 
Anywho, like I said, Valentine's Day is incomplete without some hearts and there is a link of hearts on this bracelet. I love how the hearts are linked together with the crystal, which completely sums up Valentine's Day I think because being in love is like a link, right? It's such a pretty and timeless piece that will never get old. I would actually love to get this for a close family member.

And lastly, another Pilgrim piece. I came across these crystal clip earrings and instantly loved them. I love simple jewellery like this not only because it will suit everyone but also because its so easy to wear. Imagine going out on for dinner and as jewellery you'd wear these. I think that will just add a timeless element to your outfit. The way these look and how they are finished is so beautiful and would be a gorgeous present on Valentine's day.

So these are my picks for the competition and also a new wish list! Fingers crossed :)
I hope you guys didn't get confused by my deep thoughts here and hopefully read till the end! I really enjoyed creating this! :D
And if have posted about this competition let me know!
Goodluck guys.
Hareem x


  1. I'd never heard of John Greed jewellery before, but they seem like lovely items and reasonably priced :) x


    1. They are pretty good and the items are great as well! x

  2. Lovely items!! I'm a big fan of pearls as well. They also spice up everything in a good and classy way. I can't live without all my pearl jewellery! I'm in looove with that mother of pearl pendant. It looks so beautiful! The same goes for the pelgrim crystal earrings. Oh who am I kidding, I love all your picks!
    I need to take a look at that website! :D


    1. They do right?! That pendent is gorgeous! haha thankyou!
      I kinda want all this! xx


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