12 February 2013

Decorating with Pretty Pinks

Hi guys,
So as you all know I recently did a home inspiration blogpost which so many of you guys liked! I have a guest post today from Arcadian home blog about some home inspiration which I hope you guys find helpful!
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Hello, lovely blog readers! It's Mari here from Arcadian Home blog, a beautiful place to find lots of interesting interior design inspirations, including table decor and other beautiful home accessories. I'm so excited to be visiting Iheartmexo with a guest post about decorating with pretty pinks. I've brought along eight images I hope will inspire you to include just a touch or a bold splash of feminine pink in your own interior spaces. Please enjoy!
Pretty Pink
Pale pink can create a dreamy dressing room. Here, tall windows are hung with silk draperies in soft pink. A deeper hue in velvet covers the deeply tufted French chair.
Pretty Pink
Sometimes just one or two pops of color will bring neutral space to life. So it is with this all-white living room. Pink tulips and a single black and white pillow are lovely bits of color.
Pretty Pink
A creamy dressing room with accents of dark pink is so pretty in the glow of two modern pendant lights. I also really like the shape of the curvy little bench and the light and airy feel of the carpet.
Pretty Pink
This open space shows how pretty pink is in Chinoiserie patterns. I love the clever pairing of reverse coloring—pink on white wallpaper and white on pink upholstery.
Pretty Pink
Totally luxurious and beautifully feminine, this bedroom is so glamorous in pink and satin. I hope Hareem will especially like this one as she loves fashion so much!
Pretty Pink
Pale pink textiles bring a feminine feel to this rustic concrete shower—a beautiful contrast.
Pretty Pink
Glamorous pendant lighting and crystal chandeliers always seem even more stunning in a pink space. This ethereal image is a lovely case in point.
Pretty Pink
Wouldn't it be amazing to live in a soaring loft where this perfectly pink telephone booth could stand in a place of honor? Whether placed in a quiet corner or the middle of an open space as an interesting focal point, this beauty would catch your eye and make you smile every single time you passed by. This is one of my favorite "decorative" objects ever. Love it! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think about these pink inspirations? Leave us your comments below, and we hope to see you soon on our site, where you can find an abundance of home decor, lighting, and interior inspirations!

I really loved reading this lovely post and let me know how you found it!
Thankyou Mari from Arcadian Home Blog for the lovely guest post.
Hareem x

Guest Post


  1. Ahhh interior posts are some of my favourites! Really liked this.

  2. I love all these pictures! The first and second, I want in my room! xxx

  3. All these photos are gorgeous!

  4. Ooh interior decorating posts. Nicee! They give me such good inspiration for my home. :D

  5. i love interior decorating/design.
    and i love the concept of accent colours!
    pink is a great one :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. Now I want a pink and white theme for my apartment. I've been trying to keep the colors neutral but heck the pink is so pretty with the white. Maybe the bedroom... Good inspiring photos.

  7. Lovee those first photos - I am obsessed with the idea of a walk-in wardrobe. One day! I've just published my Valentines post (mainly an excuse for me to research pictures of david beckham in his h&m underwear) would love it if you took a look. xx

    Twitter @slambertrussell

  8. Gorgeous pictures!! I'm a huge fan of all white rooms and I love how the pink softens it.
    Amazing how they used pink in all these rooms, without it looking too girly of too "Paris Hilton" hahaha
    I'm always afraid of that!

    Lovely post!



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