26 February 2013

ARK Skincare - age prepare sample kit

Hope you guys are all well :)
As you might have read my review on the ARK Skincare Moisturiser which I reviewed a few days back, I also mentioned I had some sample pots that I was sent. I thought I would review them as well but because they are only tiny samples, I can give you like a first impressions mini review in each!
I hope you find it helpful. The pack had 4 very cute little samples*; A cleanser, exfoliator, a masque and a moisturiser.
A picture of ARK Skincare.
A picture of ARK skincare.
A picture of ARK skincare Cleanser and Exfoliator. A picture of ARK Skincare Masque and moisturiser.

The cleanser is transparent and at first I actually though the little container was empty. But of course that's typical me! I had about 2 uses in this sample. It's a very gentle cleanser. It didn't irritate my skin at all which I was very glad about. It lathers up ever so slightly but does the job and does it well. It contains ingredients such as Watercress and Nettle as well as Oat Amino Acids and White Tea; all very beneficial for our skin. Even in two uses I do feel that I had a clearer complexion. 

This contains ingredients such as Bentonite BeadsLoofah is a fibrous plant which exfoliates and stimulates circulation and Margosa Leaf Extract which is an antibacterial and helps prevent blemishes forming.
I adore this even in like 3 uses! It's a very very gentle exfolient which means I can use it everyday. It's not harsh on your skin and makes your skin feel and look alot more smooth and clear. I would recommend this for anyone who suffers with sensitive skin. 

This has some great ingredients as well. Things like Kaolin Clay, Wild Water Mint which reduces the size of enlarged pores and Anti-pollution Algae which prevents skin damage from free radicals, are also added. It's a very creamy textured mask and is white in colour. I used this for about 15 minutes and then rinsed it of which left my skin feeling very 'clean' in a way. It did not make my skin feel tight or uncomfortable. In other words, my skin felt quite refreshed which I loved. 

I reviewed this earlier so you can read the review of it here.
This is also another great product! It makes my skin so much more radiant! 

You check out ARK Skincare here. 

I hope you liked the mini reviews and would love to hear your thoughts!
Hareem x


  1. I love the packaging of this product. Wondering if it's sold in the US?


    1. I am not too sure about that but if you check out the website they might ship to the US :) x


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