20 February 2013

ARK Skincare - age prepare moisturiser

Hello everyone!
I am almost 20 (in June) and kinda starting to worry about wrinkles and all that stuff. I know you guys are probably thinking that I am a little crazy but I believe in the phrase 'prevention is key'. I think you have to prepare for something so it doesn't arrive too quickly. I haven't yet used any skincare products for that yet until a month or so ago. ARK age aware skincare is actually a brand that specializes in age aware skincare.

At ARK, we believe it is important to be “age appropriate” with the skincare products you use.  Put simply, in the same way as you choose your clothes and make-up to complement your age, so you should select skincare products that are appropriate to your age and therefore the needs of your skin.

Their range of skincare is dived into three areas: age prepare (teens to early 30's), age maintain (30's to 50) and age repair (50 and beyond).
 I really like this concept and how it's different for age groups because you don't see that alot. It's always one age maintain products for all. I have been trying out the teen's to early 30's age prepare skin vitality moisturiser (RRP-£25, 50 ml) for several weeks now. 

Its a cylinder shaped bottled that comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box with instructions. The key ingredients this contains are avocado and peach lipids which are rich in vitamins A, C, D and E as well as omega 9 fatty acids which is what makes our skin hydrated and soft. 
Other than that, it also has olive oil in it which helps by penetrating deep into our skin to keep it hydrated and to regenerate skin cells. Panthenol is also an ingredient which is present in this products and helps by soothing irritated skin and plumps fine lines. It comes in a nice round bottle and has a pump that you would press and get your product out which is so helpful because I always get too much moisturiser out! I need like one pump and I am good. 

This is a new addition to my skincare regime and I am really liking it. It's a really nice and effective moisturiser. It's non greasy which for my combination skin is perfect. Plus, that's also great for mornings for those of you who have to apply foundation straight after a moisturiser. If your moisturiser is greasy and you apply foundation on top of that, it is terrible. My forehead and under eye area is the driest area of my skin and I have been using this on that area alot because nothing works except a couple of products. It has been a really good hydrating moisturiser. I only have to use this once a day or sometimes even at night and my skins just feels hydrated and soft. It doesn't burn my skin either which quite a few moisturisers do to my skin because of how sensitive it is. I don't have any wrinkles etc yet but what I really have noticed is that my skin looks alot more firm if that makes sense. Just a month ago I was actually complaining on twitter about getting little lines under my eyes which people my age don't not have. My under eye area is looking very firm these days and I can't be more happy about it! Also my skin looks quite radiant which I am really happy about. My mum said that too me the other day as well!
For you guys in your teens or in your 20's, I would recommend ARK skincare for sure. It's a lovely concept and I am very pleased with this particular product!
I have some sample pots by ARK which I'll be reviewing soon as well.

Have you tried any ARK skincare products?
What are your thoughts on this?
Hareem x


  1. I'm also using this and really liking it, especially before applying make up in the mornings! I do find the way it pumps quite strange but I can forgive that because it's done a really great job!
    Rebecca-Louise - autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I love it! It's made my skin so radiant which not many products have done so far :)
      hahah I actually quite like the little pump but yes its all forgiven! :)

  2. Haven't heard of ARK before! but definitely gonna give it a go! whenever i hear age repair i run away due to denial of me getting older haha! but would you say its good value for money?xx


    1. hahah We are all in denial! ;)
      I think so. It's deffo added radiance to my face which is something not many products have done so far! xx

  3. I've never heard of 'ARK' before and although I am actually 20 i've never given much thought to wrinkles and all that jazz, probably should though. it sounds really good however and i love that it contains avocado as that's supposed to do wonders for your skin.x

    1. I know what you mean. I am worrying about my face now!
      The ingredients in it are great for sure. :) x


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