04 February 2013

30 Facts About Me!

Hey guys,
Well, this tag has gone viral and I thought I should also take part because I've really enjoyed reading everyone else's post on this tag! It's such a great way to get know the blogger!
I couldn't think of 50 so 30 it is. I did get stuck at number 3 haha 

1. I have been attacked/bitten by a cat whilst on holiday. It wasn't a great one!

2. I can not stand polka dots. Dotted stuff in clusters generally. It's actually a kind of a phobia know as trypophobia. It gives me the WORST feeling ever! I can't even describe it. I can't even eat that Aero chocolate. 

3. I am not a movie person. I hardly watch films because I think they're boring and I prefer TV shows. You name it and I've watched it! 

4. I have never watched the Notebook and don't really plan on watching it. Oh well. 

5. I am very good at remembering names. If I see you after 10 years, I'll know who you are!

6. I was not born in this country.

7.  I spell words the American way and oddly no one has ever said anything about it in school.

8. I am a huge geek. I have this thing where I just want to learn and learn about the world and just general knowledge. I am very academic in a way. Love studying. 

9. My favourite subject forever will be science even though I am an art student. I heart Science. Being a doctor is my dream job. 

10. I have never coloured/dyed my hair and don't really plan on doing so in the future.

11. I always get told that I look Persian/Iranian when it's actually quite the opposite! I don't see it but I am flattered!

12.  I tend to be a negative person when it comes to me. 

13. I have not watched any of the Harry Potter movies or read any of the books. I think its so boring.

14. I love collecting snow globes from around the world. I have quite a few in my collection haha 

15. I  believe in dreams and love reading books about topics like that.

16. I hate not doing anything or being bored. I have to constantly do something to keep myself busy.

17. I hate mess. Can not stand it. I have to tidy up the whole house before I sleep otherwise it bothers me CRAZY and I can't sleep. Everything has to be organised and it drives my family crazy.

18. I find organizing things very therapeutic.

19. I love Disney Channel.

20. I obsess over a certain thing like a certain type of  food for a couple of months and one day I wake up and decide that I hate it.

21. I am someone who avoids arguments and fights with anyone. 

22. I LOVE ketchup. I can eat it with almost everything.

23. Anyone remember the cartoon Arthur? YA, OBSESSED. Since I was a kid. It makes me feel better? 

24. I really hate going out. I love being at home!

25. I have an obsession with history, especially Egyptian history.

26. I have to have the tooth paste 'leveled and evenly spread out' on the tooth brush before I use it. 

27. I hate it when people don't capitalize the 'I' in a sentence. I stop reading the article etc if I see an 'i' instead of an 'I'.

28. I love anything peanut butter. It's a weakness. best thing ever.

29. I am pretty sure I have social anxiety. I get so panicked and stressed out when I am in a new social environment  New schools, college etc is a nightmare for me!

30. I love making scenarios in my head of what should have happened instead of what is actually happening. I do this very unknowingly.

So these are 30 facts about me! Not every interesting but oh well. Clearly I have told you guys what a weirdo I am. 
If you've done this please leave a link below!
Hareem x


  1. I also am a science geek! That was my favourite subject in school! Awww man I miss it :)
    I did this tag today!

  2. #13 - SAY WAAAAAAAT! You're forgiven because #28 is the truth.

    The Style Rawr!

  3. I love these posts! And yes they have been going viral! Agreed on the going out front. I've hibernate most of winter x

  4. it feels so good to know a bit more about people on here! I love it, nice post. So I followed you, yay for Arthur too ;)


  5. It's lovely getting to know you a bit better :) I also have never been interested by Harry Potter, the sheer mass of people obsessed with the films and books puts me off even trying to read/watch them!

    Kelsey xx


  6. Aww nice! *huugs* I dunno I've always thought of you as a lovable person & you are :D <3 those were lovely to read, interesting!!

  7. Such an interesting post..nice to get to know you better. I love Ketchup that much too! lol! xo

  8. Love these posts x

    check out my cath kidston giveaway 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

  9. I love watching science and space documentaries.I hate mess can't stand it. I like to have everything in their place lolololo.

  10. We're so much alike! I have the same thing with polkadots!!!!!!!!! I always thought I was the only weird one hahaha
    Especially white dots on red, argh!! Or red on blue!

    Anyways, loved reading these facts about you! :)


  11. Don't you dare call harry potter books boring :p or i will post pics of polka dot dresses on your fb account . Okay okay just kidding , i won't do that but i really love harry potter books . It helped me out in school when life was tough , i loved being lost in that imaginary world.


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