10 January 2013

Ness Soap Foam Bath

A couple of days before Christmas I received this sample of a foam bath from Ness Soap which is a company based in Scotland. They create hand made soaps, body wash, hand wash, body lotion etc. They have quite a great variety of soaps and other bath and body products. I have this odd attraction for handmade soap. I love how handmade soap bars look (I know that's slightly odd) so while on their website I really liked some of the bars such as the lemongrass and lime soap and the rose geranium soap.
I used my sample of 'Silent night' (RRP-8.95-500ml) which is a foam bath from their seasonal range. It has a blend of  marjoram which is herb known for its aromatic leaves and citrus notes, patchouli which is a herb from the mint family if I am correct and geranium as well as essential oils. The citrus fragrance from the marjoram is the most prominent in my opinion and I quite like citrus based body products. You can smell the product straight away when you pour it under running water. I used quite a alot of the sample to create bubbles or foam. So you will need quite a bit. The scent lingers on for quite a long time because it is a strong, festive fragrance. If you miss Christmas and like strong scents, check out their seasonal range! Besides 'silent night' they also have 'three wise men' and 'peace on earth'. 
Overall I do like the sample I received. Its quite refreshing and calming as well being quite relaxing!

Hareem x


  1. That sounds so lush!
    Oh and you're not the only one with a slight obsession for handmade soaps and soap bars. Me too!


    1. Hahah good to know that! They look so nice don't they? X

  2. This sounds lovely, not a bad price either!
    Zoe | zozeze.com

    1. For the quantity it really is a great price :) x

  3. sounds lovely! I really want to take a bath right now!

    X Jenny

  4. Ooh I fancy a warm bubble bath now! Great post :)


  5. Bubble baths are lovely! Thank you :) x

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  7. Outstanding soap!
    When I purchased this soap from below website I did not think that it is so much useful and enjoyable soap.
    But now I forget every other bathing soaps. I recommend everyone to once try this superb soap. They will really love it. It's an awesome experience of bubble bathing. Thanks admin for this terrific share!


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