21 January 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

Hi guys!
Hope everyone's enjoying the snow? Or not. I went to the park today to take pictures I guess. I only stayed there for about half an hour though because by that point I couldn't feel my hands and feet! But it was fun!
Anyways, as alot of you know, Maybelline was offering their fit me foundation samples a couple of months back and I actually got one. Maybelline is one of my favourite high street brand so I really wanted to try this. This foundation came out in the US quite a while back and I wanted it since then. I even asked a couple of people to bring it back for me when they went to America but they were unable to. It's moments like these I wished I moved back there! haha
I though I'd review the sample and let you know if  it's worth getting or not. The sample was quite a generous sized one.

According to the website, I was matched to 210 sandy beige (the medium category) which I think is a shade or two, too dark for me.
It comes in 12 shades and is Maybelline's first gel foundation which contains no fillers and waxes. I really like the sound of a gel based foundation. This is suppose to adapt to your skintone and give you great coverage.
I have to say the first time I used this I wasn't sold. I felt something was missing. It didn't have that radiance alot of foundations have but trying this out again and again I fell in love with this. I changed my mind about it because it does adapt to your skin tone and looks so so natural. Fit Me is definitely the correct term. It blends seamlessly into your skin. I love that! Reading reviews, alot of people said that they found this hard to blend but its the complete opposite for me! It also gives an even finish, feels really light and didn't break me out. This foundation also lasts quite a while on your skin. It's a matte foundation so I do like that about it because I am a combination skin type. You don't even need alot of this. I take a very small amount and use my Real Techniques expert face brush to apply it. I think it offers medium coverage hence the natural look.
I know for sure that i'll be getting the full size next time I am out. This is a pretty good, affordable (£6.99) foundation that lasts for upto 7-8 hours and looks like your skin!

Have you tried the Fit Me foundation?
Your thoughts?
Hareem x


  1. I got a tester and was matched to the same colour as you but it is waaay too dark so I gave it too my mum but she loves it so I think I might pick one up but in a lighter shade :) xxx

  2. It sounds great especially the matte finish. Tempted to try it! :)

  3. I really want to get my hands on this. The actual packaging for it is lovely xx

  4. I love this foundation too!! I didn't find it that matte, but I wear so much powder it doesn't matter! xxx

  5. Shame I couldnt grab one when I had the chance, but I will check it out instore! x


  6. Good review and wow that is a generous sample size! I've been waiting to try this for a while and such a great price too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  7. I actually like this foundation but it's too dark for me! :( I got the lightest shade there was - 125 and it's just too dark to pull off. Maybe in the summer? I do like it otehrwise!

  8. I've been eyeing up this foundation for so long, don't know if I trust the colour match thing. May have to have another swatch! xo

  9. Every review I read of this foundation tempts me to buy it, I wish the snow would disappear so I could get to the shops! xx

  10. Darn! My sample never ended up coming :(

  11. I brought some Maybelline foundation before and then it got stolen :( so i need a new foundation so i might give this one a try. Thanx you xx


  12. I really want to try this but was put off by the no blending thing, but I am glad it worked for you xx

  13. i wonder if theres a shade for me!
    im going to check this out too :/

    gonna have a massive wish list sigh lol
    BreezeyBee Blog

  14. Ive heard good things about this! Might have to test it!
    Shana x


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