19 January 2013

Louise Gray for Topshop - Cream Blush Duo

I went to Topshop recently to find a dress but for some reason I can never find something I like or looks good on me. I do love their jewellery and shoes though and most recently their makeup. I kinda wanted this particular lipstick which they had non left off but I found this Louise Gray for Topshop blush duo in 'Up in the air'. I wanted this since it came out but the Topshop where I live never had when I went to get it so I was pretty excited to find this. And it was reduced to £3 ( RRP£12.50) when I took it to the till. That's a bargain! 

I haven't tried a huge amount of cream blushers because I do have a combination skin type and alot of them didn't blend that great but this one is so pretty and the colours were perfect for my complexion so I had to get it. I love the packaging. It's something I wouldn't throw away! haha I love the design that's on the compact and it comes with a mirror as well which is always handy. The product consists of a really pretty candy pink colour and a gorgeous true coral. They both look a bit scary in the pan but once you swatch it and blend it out they're both really soft colours and have great colour pay-off. It has this really nice cream to powder texture to it which helps alot while you're blending it. And talking about blending, this blends like a dream. I wear them alone as well as together which actually looks really nice in my opinion. It stays on for quite a long time too. I can't really see a negative point about this product. It's just the best cream blush that I've used! It doesn't crease or turns patchy or any of that annoying stuff cream blushers usually do.
These are still on sale on the Topshop website so if you like this go and get it! :D

Have you tired this blush before?
Hareem x


  1. I have this baby too it's gorgeous! I use my sigma brush to apply this n your right they aren't too much hassle xx

  2. A little bright for me as I stick to really neutral blushes to the point where it's basically invisible but I've always wanted to try cream blushes before :) xx


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  3. Sounds lovely! The colours look gorgeous xo


  4. This is gorgeous, whyyyy oh why didn't I include this in my Topshop order! Silly me. xo

  5. In the pan these look so bright but they're actually such wearable shades. Such a bargain!! Xx

  6. I love the fact you get two shades in one compact. Convenient!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  7. I love those two shades and particularly the fact that they're non shimmery yay! I should definitely go on a hunt for it seeing as though it's a bargain!


  8. I so nearly got this the other day, damn, I definitely should have x

  9. £3!! wow what a bargain hun!! I am yet to buy any topshop makeup but am so excited to! I love the packaging too. Stunning colours hun.

    Alessia xx

  10. completely agree with what you said about topshop and their clothes, i find it to be the same haha. 3£ for this is brilliant. i love the packaging, way nicer than topshop's permanent packaging. i really want to try this.x

  11. We should go shoppin together woman, haha! Got it in the sale too n love it! x

  12. gorgeous colors for spring and summer!

  13. the packaging is just gorgeous isnt it, would love to see this in a face of the day post :) x

  14. what a bargain!
    i love cream blushes, im going to go look for this :)
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