02 January 2013

Homemade Body Care

Hey everyone,
I'll be reviewing some body care products for you guys today. 
Homemade body care* create handmade body products that are in their purest form. Most of their products are oil based which means you'll be treated with essential vitamins without having a greasy feel. 
I received a box with a cinnamon, mandarin and grapefruit body scrub along with a matching bath oil which also included a wooden spatial to take the body scrub out with and mix with, which was very useful. I really liked how it was packaged! Looked very organic and handmade ofcourse!
When I first used this body scrub, it was pretty chunky which meant it would exfoliate very well and it did. It's not harsh at all on your skin. It slowly starts to melt into your skin after you start to massage it in. It does have a very slight greasy texture after you wash it off which I have experienced with alot of body scrubs but that washes of quite easily. After the whole exfoliating process is complete, you then find out out if it worked. It left my skin feeling very moisturised and soft, especially in this terrible weather. My skin is so dry these days. I've never had dry skin like this before and this has helped quite a bit. I do like the natural fragrance to it as well. I am not a huge fan of cinnamon but this scrub doesn't have that very strong cinnamon scent because there's also mandarin and grapefruit in it which made me really like it. I know alot of people love cinnamon so this is perfect for you guys! The bath oil smells lovely as well and its very relaxing. Quite an aromatic bath oil. 
I liked both the products because they worked really well as well as being natural which is a plus. They're still deciding on the price list but if you want more information visit them on Homemade Body Care or follow them on twitter @HOMEMADEBODY

Hareem x


  1. This sounds wonderful! I'm n tthat big a fan of cinnamon either but I love mandarin so this may be perfect

    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. I love cinnamon & tbf there are not that many cinnamon scented products out there so might need to check this out!:) x

  3. Hmmm love cinnamon scented things. I've used a few body scrubs that look similar to that in the past, but love that this one is "Home made". I could use a good scrub!


  4. These products look lovely and homemade! I like the rustic look of them!Will have to check them out :)

    Justine xx


  5. This looks great! I really want to try some homemade beauty things this year!

  6. These products look and sound so great! Love the fact that they're homemade!



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