06 November 2012

Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks

Hi guys!
Yes another lip product post. I simply love my lipsticks!
Today I have a little review on the Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks. I picked up two of them in Hollywood Red and Blissful Brown.
Hollywood Red is my new go to lipstick! Like I said in my other posts, I've been looking for reds that suit me and I think I found another one. This is a very rich and vibrant dark brownish red with pink undertones (looks much lighter in the swatch) colour that looks like a deep red on me. It looks much more pink on some people though but maybe its my natural lip colour that makes it appear like a deep red. I do love it though and will probably be buying it again. 
Blissful Brown is a nude brown colour that's quite glittery but not over powering. It has a lot of sheen to it which I like. This also suits my complexion really well and I think this will look great on anyone! I like the fact that it's a little sheer, giving you a much natural look. 
I am sorry that the swatch is a little erm odd, but that's the only one I had :(
I love the pigmentation, the application and the packaging of these lipsticks and will probably be getting some more! I love the formula of these and the application is so smooth. The lipsticks are quite moisturising as well probably because of the honey nectar in them. These lasted for a good 6 hours on me which is pretty good. I did eat and drink during that time. Also the finish is really nice, looks quite smooth, vibrant and rich. Your lips will look pretty good if you ask me. Overall great buy and love these!

(Is this not the smallest review I have ever done?!)

Have you purchased any of the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks?
Any colours you would reccomend? 
Hareem x


  1. That Hollywood red is very pretty and is very pink toned.
    I bet they look amazing on! They are great find.


  2. I really like the photography here, packaging looks good also. Hollywood red seems very wearable as it looks very pink. :)

  3. I love these colors!

    <3 Melissa

  4. Great review! They lasted quite long. Hollywood red looks amazing!


  5. these look great! I have totally toffee, warm me up, red revolution, and pearly pink and I love them! XOXO


  6. These look so lovely and shimmery :)


  7. Great review, such pretty colours! I haven't actually tried these out before but love the look of Hollywood Red :)


  8. These look so lovely! Better formula than I would have expected xo

  9. These look gorgeous! I definitely want to try them!


  10. I'm glad to see you had a good experience with these! I have one and it really did not agree with me which I hated as I loved the colour!! xxx



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