30 November 2012


Hey guys,
When it comes to sunglasses I am so picky. Like alot. I am sure alot of people are because you'd want them to look perfect. I actually think that they're a great accessory to bring confidence and a little more style to any outfit! I was quite excited to be honest when Firmoo* offered me to try some of their sunglasses. I am new to the brand so I was very intrigued. 

Firmoo is a very popular online eyeglasses store with years of expertise in the optical industry. They say that the old opinion that glasses are only necessities for people with vision problems has already gone. 
Glasses are now increasingly becoming a must have accessory for celebrities and fashionistas.

I was given the chance to choose a pair of sunglasses (as I have said) and I picked them in a tortoise shell colour which I love at the moment and it looks great as a sunglasses colour. They look really nice! I actually really like them and they fit perfectly on my face. I know that sounds odd but it's true. They look very chic in my opinion. The quality is really nice; very sturdy too. The ones I picked come in two other colours as well and the sunglasses came with a hard case and a soft case. One thing I loved was the fact that they also send you some spare screws and a screwdriver which is a such a great idea.  The sunglasses that I chose can be found here and cost $40 which is about £24.
The service was great. My sunglasses came all wrapped in bubble wrap very nicely on time as checked the tracking number. It was fast too so you don't have to wait for ages! The website is very helpful because its filled with details like measurements etc. There are actually alot of photographs of actual people wearing the glasses which really helps you to decide which pair you'd want. 

Firmoo actually has something called the first pair free program where you get your first pair of prescription/non prescription glasses for free! That's a deal. All you have to do is pay for shipping. I think this is great if you are a eyeglasses wearer. You can check it out here. I'd recommend to check out the sunglasses because they're really nice (this is coming from a very picky person). 


What do think about these sunglasses?
Hareem x


  1. I think you have chosen a great pair of sunglasses, they look so good that i want to buy them for myself too

  2. Ooh nice! I'm awaiting my pair of Firmoo glasses too :)

    1. Will have to check yours out too! I love mine and cant wait for summer :)

  3. Niceee! Looks like the LV sunglasses hihi. Did you seen mine?


  4. Oh these look so cute! Great choice :)


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