22 October 2012

Guest post - Favorite oils

Hey guys,
I have another guest post for you guys today. I love including other bloggers on my blog and the very lovely Tereza (Citscape Bliss) is one of my favorite bloggers! It's one of those blogs where you get excited when they post a new blog post :D She decided to do a post on her favorite oils which is very interesting :)
Oils. Some people love them, some people find them daunting. They are greasy, leave residue on your skin, have strong scent and they make your skin feel funny when you try to wash it. Well, at least that’s the general assumption I believe many people have when someone says ‘oils’ in the sense of beauty products. And you know what? I love them – big time! Here are just a few of my favourite ones that I’m using at the moment.
Firstly, I see body oils as a luxurious version of a body cream, lotion or butter. Garnier brought out recently the Ultimate Beauty Oil, which is a blend of argan, macadamia, rose and almond oil. It smells absolutely amazing and leaves your skin so so soft! I love using it on my legs after epilating, because it’s got a handy spray nozzle! Saloos Rose Oil is basically a pure rose oil which is lovely for massages. It’s very relaxing and what’s better than to fall asleep thinkin’ you’re lying under a rose bush? The last one is from Savers and I’m not even sure what brand it is – anyways, it is a really nice £1 coca oil, which is great for dry patches on your body and it smells like chocolate!
Hair oils are something I don’t even need to talk about – they are the ones EVERYONE seems to love at the moment! My favourites are VO5 Miracle Concentrate & the Miracle Oil from Aldi! If you haven’t tried any yet, definitely go for the latter one as it’s super weightless hence is great for those who are yet unsure about the right amount for their hair.
I have really dry nails and nail cuticles (all the time, booo!), so I love using this Dr Organic Tea Tree Nail Solution. Basically it’s a blend of tea tree oil and other antibacterial and antifungal oils which sooth your nail bed as well as cuticles! It’s also brilliant for those who maybe bite their nails or just took off acrylic or other fake nails, as it really calms down the irritation.
Finally, the ones that most people are literally scared of – the facial oils. Apart from my Korres rose cream, I don’t think I use any other cream on my face. I just love my oils too much! My favourite facial oils are from Saloos, but Dr Organic makes very similar ones. The rose oil is amazing for hydration and blemishes and the lavender one soothes skin and is overall amazing to use before bed as it relaxes both your mind and muscles. I picked up the little lavender oil from Savers for about £1.50 – it’s a great substitute for the Saloos one, however you only need the tiniest amount ever  because it’s very strong and could give you headache!

Thankyou Tereza for this very informative post. It was actually very helpful :)
What are some of your favorite oils?
Hareem x


  1. I love Coconut Oil for scalp massages and Castor Oil for treatments..

    the ones in your pics are not really oils.. they are serums (moroccan, v05, garnier etc).. they mainly consist of silicones :) but they have added a bit of oil too.

    Oh and I also put Tea Tree Essential oil in my DIY nail oil to ensure healthy and moisturised nails.. xx

  2. My favorite hair oil is the new Avon one. I've tried quite a few until now, and this one works the best for me. Plus it's cheap! :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. Great choices, although I simply can't stand face or body oil, so annoying!

  4. I love Kerastase elexir oil it is a bite expensive but a bottle last more than 12 months

    I would love to try the Moroccan oil


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