18 October 2012

Bloom cosmetics Mineral bronzer

Hello everyone!
Bronzer is not my thing at all. I am slightly scared of using it because previously it has made me appear orange! But a while back I got this particular mineral bronzer in sunkissed by Bloom cosmetics  from Superdrug for £1.99 on sale. I have no idea why it was there because I have never seen any other Bloom cosmetics products there. I actually didn't know that they sell Bloom cosmetics in the UK. But I did ask the sales assistant and she said that these are on sale because they might be getting discontinued or getting new packaging. I was a bit reluctant at first but yeah, beauty blogger problems. I bought it. I think they still sell this but not on the actual Bloom cosmetics site. You can probably get it from different retailers I think.
It comes in a nice little tub with a plastic lid thing on top, and you just take some out in the lid and swirl your brush around and apply it. Sunkissed is a beautiful bronze colour with shimmer to it. It's very radiant for sure and gives you a nice glow as well. In daylight, when you use this, you get a lovely sheen as well, which I quite like. I don't use this as a bronzer because I don't really 'bronze' myself in a way. I use it more as a blush near the hollows of my cheeks. Doing this it acts like a contour as well as giving me some colour. I know, I sound pretty complicated -_-
This is really very pigmented so I have to use a very small amount of it. The swatch is with a very light hand. It stays on for a very long time as well and doesn't fade either. I really like this product and have been using it quite alot recently. I don't use alot of mineral products because they are a bit hard to handle for me but I was really surprised that this didn't get everywhere.

Have you tried this product? What do you think!
Hareem x


  1. I've seen the Bloom products for a while but never really tried anything, I love bronzers that don't go orange/yellow and this looks a beautiful colour.

  2. I thought bloom was discontinued at least were I live they don't sell it anymore. I liked their cream blushes.

  3. What a cute illustration on it! I've always wanted to try a bronzer but I'm pretty tan right now lol. I get much more pale in the winter, so we'll see if I'm brave enough to try it. You make this seem like the perfect bronzer to start with :) Thanks for sharing this, Hareem!

    xoxo Azu


  4. Thankyou for the review, I don't bronze either but I would love to get into it someday, even though I do have a natural slight tan on me, wish we had this product here I would've totally bought it after your review :(

  5. I've never actually tried any Bloom products but this looks lovely! I love bronzer and I'm always trying out new ones, may have to check this one out!



  6. Bronzer is one of my favourite products! Preferably without shimmer. But this actually looks like a really pretty one! Love the fact that it's so subtle and natural. It would make a beautiful bronzer!


    1. I mean it would make a beautiful blush! Pressed 'publish' abit too soon!


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