02 August 2012

Witch Blemish Stick

Hey guys,
I got this Witch Blemish stick a while back as a prize from Witch Skincare themselves. Now I am one of those people who don't belive that Blemish sticks actually work as they claim to tame your blemish within hours. It sounds ridiculous to me. 
I never ever buy any sorts of blemish gels/stick and to be honest if it wasn't for Witch themselves I would have never though about buying this.

What it say: "Helps to break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots. Great for all skin types but especially oily/combination skin."

When I opened the cap I loved the fact that it was blue from the inside too. I followed the instruction it gives. I had a blemish and as soon as I saw it I just dabbed this on and believe it or not the next day it was gone! I couldn't believe it to be honest. But this does work on small spots/blemishes. The smell was slightly strange but the fact that it worked, it didn't bother me much. When you wake up in the morning your skin feels really nice too, quite refreshed in a way. It slightly stings my skin though when I apply it for about 5 seconds but I guess that's because the blemish area of your skin is quite sensitive. So all in all this blemish stick dries out the blemish I am guessing as well as reducing the redness. I actually bought another one recently as I ran out of this one! This retails at £2.89 from Boots which is a bargain of I may add.

Have you guys tried this? 
I would love to know if it worked for you!

Hareem x


  1. I <3 Witch products, I use this stick too and the blemish gel in the evening and am considering giving their cleansing range a go! I also use a lot of their cosmetics x

  2. Wow this product sounds great, I love Witch products. Might have a look at this at it's a steal at that price!!


  3. I have terrible blemish-prone skin but when I try Oxy or Freederm, they burn my skin making it even worse, but I will give this a try... I didn't think of trying Witch!



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