22 August 2012

Finding the perfect dress

Finding the perfect dress

Dress shopping can be fun, but it can also be frustrating if you can’t find one that’s right. If you’re heading to a wedding or special event this summer you might want to invest in the right dress, which you can recycle for summers to come.

The ideal look involves a summery dress in a pastel colour, with complimentary hues for your accessories and shoes. The trick to finding the perfect dress is knowing what suits your figure and shape.
Here are a few top tips on finding that perfect outfit for a timeless look:


Pear shaped bodies are named after the fruit for a reason. They are smaller on the top than the bottom with wider hips than shoulders. There are a number of dresses designed to highlight the best assets of a pear shaped body and Princess style dresses are a great way to hide fuller hips. They also pull in at the waist to balance the torso and bust.

Whilst you might not want to wear a full ball gown as a wedding guest, you can certainly find a number of these princess style cocktail dresses which are perfect for special occasions. Make sure you match them with shoes that have a slight heel to elongate your legs but allow you to walk (and dance) with ease.

It would be worth avoiding long mermaid style dresses or tiered dresses as this could draw attention to your bottom half, making you look unbalanced.  Strapless dresses that pull in at the waist and don’t hug the bottom half of your body are ideal.


If you have a slim ballerina figure with an undefined waist there are a number of ways you can flatter your figure. Show off your slender frame with a high neckline; you have one of the few body shapes than can get away with it!

Detail and embroidery can also help to create the illusion of curves. Fitted bodices and full skirts can also help to emphasise curves.


Apple body shapes tend to be large on the top half of the body with slimmer legs and bottoms. Dressing this shape is a case of showing off your best assets. Empire lines are great for flattening your stomach and make you look much slimmer; perfect for a wedding guest look that is attractive without upstaging the bride!

Berkertex specialises in stylish, sleek and sophisticated dresses for all occasions and stock a vast range of designs suitable for those of all body shapes.

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