06 July 2012


I have a lipstick obsession. A very bad one. Along with bracelets and blushers of course. Can't forget those!
I love Max factor for their mascaras but this time I went their to try out some lipsticks and I ended up buying 755, Firefly from their colour elixir collection. This collection has 15 shades to chose from and retails at 7.99.

You gotta love their gold packaging. So pretty and this shade is even prettier. In real life it almost looks like a red toned lipstick but its much more of a pink. The texture of this lipstick is so moist and creamy, it literally glides onto your lips like butter haha. Not drying at all. This shade is quite sheer and has a semi satin finish and quite perfect for everyday actually. It kinda feels like a high end lipstick! The pigmentation is very impressive too. In just one swatch you get the colour.

I love this lipstick.
Have you tried any max factor colour elixir lipsticks?

Hareem x


  1. Wow this shade is gorgeous and I love the name. I think the packaging makes the lipstick look like it costs more!


  2. I've never seen max factor lipsticks! I will have to try them out. Following you now :)
    Girl Meets Beauty

  3. Such a gorgeous colour :)


  4. I love lippies too - but don't own enough! I think i need to grow my collection, starting with a new Max Factor Elixr! I love the packaging aswell, reminds me of the YSL lipsticks xxx

  5. I've never tried any maxfactor lipsticks, I can't believe I haven't tbh! Firefly looks like such a gorgeous colour, I love their packaging too. Going to have a look for these next time I'm out shopping :) x

  6. oooh, this is a lovely color! i love berry tones -- they always look really lovely with my yellow-ish skin tone.



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