30 June 2012

Etat Pur Skincare

Hey everyone
A long time ago I won some products from Etat Pur which is a French skincare line that has now been launched in the UK. There are two Etat Pur ranges: actives and biomimetic skincare. I am going to be reviewing the pur actives today.
Etat Pur has selected some of the very  effective and purest possible actives to correct many skin disorders which includes wrinkles, loss of firmness, blemishes, hyper-sensitivity, severe dryness, dark circles, spots, blackheads etc. For every 1 skin problem equals 1 pure Active.

This was the box that I received that held the Pur actives. So firstly I loved how they all came so organized in this very nice box. They look really nice actually and so colourful! They almost remind me little magical potions! Its absolutely amazing how many different types of skin problems solutions they have! Since my box had alot of different types in it, I obviously only used what related to me. I have always been very concerned about my skin and one of the problems I have is blackheads and blemishes. Other than that I also have some dry patches on my skin especially around the forehead area.

 So the first one that I looked at was 'A32', 'D-Panthenol 550 mg'This is for extream dryness and as I said before that I get some very bad dry patches around my forehead and checks even though I am an oily skin type. D- Panthenol is a natural molecule which has the capability of effectively restoring your skin's barrier function. It improves the skins level of moisturistion. The dryness on my skin would appear in small patches and tends to be flaky. The instructions for this on their website told me to use this morning and night for a good 3 weeks and I followed that. If you want to do a long term treatment you can use this once a month as well. I carried this on for 3 whole weeks and the patches I had disappeared. I started to notice that they were less visible within a week. I was very shocked! This stuff is amazing. Just a beautiful product. The surface of my skin felt so much smoother as well. I really do recommend this if you suffer from any types of dry skin problems. They have in total 4 types of Pur actives that can be used for extream dryness depending on your type. This retails at £11.60 which is a very reasonable price for such a high quality product.

When I had a look on their website they actually have 4 different types of Pur Actives for imperfections and blemishes. The one I had received was 'salicylic acid 70mg', 'A21'.
Now salicylic acid  has purifying and astringent properties as well as being a gentle exfoliant  to even out the complexion. Considering this I had my hopes up about this product as I know that salicylic acid is really good for acne and blemish prone skin types. This particular one only has 70 mg salicylic acid as that the perfect amount for treating blackheads and blemishes. They also offer 300mg salicylic acid which is of a stronger concentration of actives, used to treat acne.
I have been using this for the past 5 months or so if I am correct, every night, taking a tiny drop or two and applying it on the particular areas and I swear by this! There is huge difference on my skin. any blackheads that I had, have now disappeared and after you apply this your skin feels like a baby's skin! Seriously! Any blemishes that I had have lightened as well. This is a huge recommendation from me if you have trouble with blackheads as sometimes they can spread around your chin and cheeks as well. Having a smoother surface means that when you apply makeup it looks much more flawless and even. This Pur active on its own retails for £9.40 which I find very budget friendly as skincare does cost alot anyways. Once I am done with this bottle I will be ordering another one. I am so pleased with the results this has given me.

I am so glad I discovered this skincare line as its certainly budget friendly as well as being very high quality. It does what it states and its not one of those products that if you stop using it the results disappear.
Hope you liked this blog post :)
Have you tried Etat Pur?

Hareem x


  1. This sounds really cool! Might need to have a closer look:) xx

  2. this set looks great :D really handy!

  3. Wow, this set looks and sounds great! I'll be looking into buying this x

  4. This sounds great, I wish they sold it in the US! Thanks for the great review!

    That's so Fletch

    xo, Jay

  5. Ooh this looks lovely. I like the colorful bottles :) <3

    1. i love the bottles! they look really nice sitting on your dressing table haha! xx

  6. Love the bottles but it all looks too complicated to me. I'd burn off my face. d: x

    1. i though that at first but its fairly simple :) im sure you wont heheh :) x

  7. this looks so great. your blog is amazing! :)



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