11 May 2012

Style Crush - Nina Dobrev

I Love The Vampire Diaries! And by love I mean LOVE and an addict!
Any fans out there? Any?

Nina Dobrev is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and stays really simple too. Her makeup and accessories are also very minimal which I love because then the outfit speaks for itself.
 I think that Nina Dobrev's style is really different to any other celebrities out there.
Her outfits really do have an elegance about them but also an edge at the same time.

So this was the recent stunner she wore to the MET Gala.
How gorgeous! The dress is stunning and she looks lovely! I love how she always tends to keep her accessories and makeup very minimal.

Seriously this dress is amazing! I usually dislike dresses in this shade of red but this looked beautiful on her. I love the shape and fit of it! She can pull of anything. 

This is really odd but just as that shade of red, I am also not a fan of green that much but seriously this is a really 'different' green and it looks so versatile. I am in love! Love the lace sleeves and  how the shoes etc are neutral too.

This is the ultimate Grecian Goddess look! Sophisticated yet chic.

So when I say different you guys probably know what I mean. The dress above in my eyes is very different and unique. I think everything that she wears is very versatile! And it looks amazing on her.

Are you a fan of Nina Dobrev's style?

Hareem x


  1. She's a real stunner. I love The Vampire Diaries but the way they dress her in the show is terrible! I know she's supposed to be 18 but still! X

    1. shes gorge! and i gotta agree on that one! but in real life she her style is amazing!

  2. I love Nina Dobrev. I'm just about to watch the VD season 3 finale! She's one of the prettiest celebs out there. Loved this post. That dress you described as a goddess is amazing!! xx

    1. it deffo my fav! Im gonna go watch that too! :D shes so pretty right and looks so natural!

  3. She has great style, I didn't realise that until just now, she dresses so boring on VD that I don't bother to notice her outside of the show! :)


  4. i love nina dobrev she's seriously beautiful - not surprised you like her style she always looks impeccable!
    http://dressingtabledelights.com <3

  5. I love Nina Dobrev, Her makeup and style is always so beautiful also i love the Vampire diaries, shes so pretty! x

  6. I love TVD and her! Your blog is fab! Followed! I have wrote two posts about her too if you want to check it out. - http://fashionandartworld.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Nina%20Dobrev

    My TVD/PLL blog - http://prettylittlevampires97.blogspot.co.uk/?=m


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