19 March 2012

Volume Flash

Hey guys!

Hope everyones good :D
I haven't posted in like a week! sorry! Hope you didn't forget me :)
Okay so today is a mascara review and it's the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara.

Okay so first things first.
What I like about this.
I love the packaging although it does remind me of the Covergirl lash Blast Mascara? I have never had an orange mascara bottle so its nice to see some colour amongest my other mascara bottles! But seriously its cool and I like the overall shape and the how they have printed the font. Packaging is always the first thing a buyer sees so its pretty important for it to be eye-catching.

The mascara gives amazing length and volume for sure and for me it curls my lashes as well. It almost gives a very fake lash effect and I compared this one to my Bourjois extreme clubbing mascara.
The wand is quite big and dense with the bristles so it packs on alot of product. I've used many mascaras with really big brushes and they all later became my favorite. But for some reason I just did'nt get along with this one. I have big eyes so using a big brush has never been a problem as my friend who has smaller eyes said she doesn't like big brushes as they don't work well for her but this brush messes up my mascara application where some of it starts to smudge around the inner corner and the lower lashline, even though I love the results it gives me. The reason for this is its formula.

I find the consistency of he formula to be very thick and when I take the brush out of the bottle there's a lot product deposited on the mascara brush's tip. That gets everywhere unless you have time to clear it all up. I wouldn't recommend you guys to use this in the morning if you're getting late but its definitely a night time mascara as it gives a very nice false lash effect in just 1 coat. Just like my Bourjois extreme clubbing mascara I have a love hate relationship with this. I like it but then again the mascara tip puts me off. :(

Here are some pictures, clearly it gives a lot of volume and so sorry but for some reason the colours have gone stange.

Hope you guys liked this mini review :)
Have you used this mascara? Any thoughts?
Leave a comment :)

Hareem x


  1. Love Mascara's but haven't tried this one, will definitely be checking it out, thanks :) xx


  2. you have really nice eyes :)
    It looks like a good mascara
    I really like your blog and I'm following you
    <3 :D


  3. I was thinking of trying this, looks great x

  4. this looks amazing on your lashes. i had a few problems with this too. definitely not something i would repurchase. great review.x


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