26 March 2012


Hey guys,
So a couple of weeks ago Immediate PR was kind enough to send me some OSIS products to create a hairstyle inspired by the 2012 Oscars. Regardless of this when I was going through the Best dressed list I saw the picture of Angelina Jolie and loved how she had the really lovely curls with some waves. So yes, I was inspired by her.

 I was sent the Get Volume products.The first product that came out of the lovely giftset box was Body Me. This is to be used in damp hair and acts as a voloumising serum. The consistency of this product is kinda sticky but that blends into the dampness of the hair.

The other product that came with the set is called Glamour Queen. This is a volumisng hairspray and I really like this. This is also slightly to the sticky side which some might dislike but Iam not too bothered as I wash my hair every other day as its pretty oily naturally. You have to brush your hair upwards and scrunch it when you use this and it lifts the roots hence volumising your hair. To see if the product actually works, I used it on a day when my hair was very limp and flat and it did the trick.
Since the kit is for volumising, I though it would be appropriate to create curls . I did the hairstyle on my      sister instead of myself just to see what effect the products have on her. My hair is very thick, so if I curl it, it makes it look huge. My sister on the other hand has thinner hair than me so even when she curls its not as full as it should be.

A funny face for everyone! haha
So I asked her how she though it looked and she said 'My hair looks a lot fuller and thicker and volumized than it did before or would have if used other hairsparys etc.' So she liked the results and I hope you guys did too!

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have used any OSIS products. :)

Hareem xoxo


  1. Woww!! this really have given a healthy boost to your hairs! awesome!

  2. Her hair looks lovely you done a great job! :) xxx

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous. I've never used any OSIS products....even though they are in my bathroom. Should really give them a whirl.x

  4. Oh I love this! Just about to order the dust it but think I'll get these too! Oh, if anyone is looking to buy them, I usually get hair products from www.hairtrade.com as they seem to have really good prices. Here's the link for Osis if anyone is looking :) http://www.hairtrade.com/osis-m-42.html xx


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