05 December 2011

Mini Bourjois haul


Ahhh how I LOVE Bourjois eyeshadows!
I have always been a fan of the the Bourjois eyeshadows. They colour range is really nice and the colour pigmentation is amazing for me.
Though for a drugstore brand slightly pricey but totally worth it!

I went to boots recently and picked up some of their eyeshadows. The first ones are from the 'INTENSE EYESHADOW' line and I believe its a new line. Its claims to have a staying power of 16 hours.
If you guys want me to review any of these items leave a comment below and I'll get to it :)

The first one is in the shade 02 which is a really nice shimmery peach shade. I absolultly love this!
The second one is in the shade 01 which is a really pretty gold colour.
And finally the last one is in the shade 05 a really deep green which is just gorgeous!

These are really great for blending in with other colours. The gold and peach are great on their own as well.
I really and I mean really want all the colours from the line! Though it will cost me a fortune hahah.
Another one of the pots that I got is from their normal eyeshadow range in number 02. Its a really nice deep turquoise kinda shade.
And the last one is in a slightly larger pot. Its the eyeshadow trio...smoky eyes in 03 mordore chic and these are just some really pretty brown, kinda coffee sorta colours.
And the last one...I feel like I have bought alot! Its the Bourjois volume clubbing mascara in 'absolute black'.
I'll be doing some swatches and thorough reviews on all of these soon maybe some looks as well and I'll get the prices down as well...I hope!

That's it for now and ermmm follow me on twitter?
tell me what you guys think about these....tried any of these?



  1. I love bourjois at the moment, some great products! mascaras in particular. now i must have the shimmery peach shadow!

    Great review

    Hayley (your new follower) :)


  2. Ive never tried Bourjis...The eyeshadows look lovely!

  3. great haul eye shades looks amazing

  4. the colours are fab. 16 hours is a big claim! I'd love you to review to see if it's true!


  5. thanks for all the lovely comments guys...review coming up soon :)

  6. review! review! review! that turquoise color looks amazing!!!


  7. i use that masscara, its amazinggg, your blog is so lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)


  8. I love their eye shadows, they are well pigmented. I have the brown smokey kit, and I love it. xx

  9. love ur eyeshadow the green is amazing!La Folie 

  10. These eyeshadows look amazing, definitely want to try this brand :)

    Xoxo, Christine♥


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