24 July 2011

TAG Summer Besties

Thanks to HOLLY for tagging me in this post :)
My summer besties or more like my favorites at the moment....

1. Lip Product?
MUA Lipstick in Shade 4 looks so natural and its really moisturising as well for the summer.

2. Blush?
Elf all over cover stick in pink lemonade gives a really nice dewy look.

3. Nail Polish?
Rimmal London Lycra Wear in Pink Punk. I love this colour! All time favorite :)

4. Liquid Face Makeup?

For Summer Im only wearing Tinted Moisturiser
Elf Tinted moisturiser in Rosy Beige

5. Powder Face Makeup?
I am not really wearing any colour in powder at the moment but if Traslucent powder counts for when I wear foundation to go out it would be No7 Translucent powder to set foundation or block oil.

6. Hair Product?

During these day I am not really using any heat on my hair and just letting it be natural. My hair is a mixture of waves and slight curls and to enhance that I use the Tresemme Curl Reactivation Styling Mist. Just a little spray and your hair looks and smells great. I also use the batiste dry shampoo in Boho which is also great.

7. Eye Product?

This has to be my collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner, maybelline Falsies mascara for night time and a pair of eyelash curlers for the daytime.

8. Tanning Product?
I don't use any tanning products.

9. Accessory?
Feather Earring! Oh yes I am loving feathers hahha

10. Clothing?
Play-suits or Jumpsuits I think are big this summer.

I Tag:
Everyone and Anyone :)
I want to see everyone do this :)
So what do you guys think?


  1. those earrings look cute :D
    here's my post on this tag: http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com/2011/07/tag-summer-besties.html

  2. Love this post, such a good idea :)

    I really want to try the ELF blush too



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