04 July 2011

My Top 5 drugstore Mascaras

I love mascaras, mainly because I am too scared to use fake eyelashes as I think I'm gonna do something to my eye.
Usually its the top 3 but I can never leave out my other two kids.
Drug store or high street whatever you like
try to get to the end...sorry about this being so long :/

All the Mascaras that I have included, are my favourite in a way as they are affordable and do the job. I am a student after all.I do have others that I also love but I wouldn't call them drug store.

1- L'oreal Paris Volume Shocking
This mascara is a double mascara that has a mascara side and the other is a base. You can use the mascara on its own in daytime which works very well and the base and night which adds a hell of a lot of length. It says volume and it gives you volume. I love the shape of it! Its really cool haha. OH and the brush it looks like a comb haha and the brush on the base side is huge as well. It was out absolutely ages ago but I think you can still get hold of it. :)

2- No7 Exceptional Definition
No7 from boots (UK drug store) isn't really drugstorish but not high end as well. So its in the middle somewhere. Anyway Iam not really fond of No7 but I really like this mascara and it claims to add definition, volume, and smoother flexible lashes as its a nutrient enriched product. The wand has 3 different kind of effects which helps get into the inner corner and bottom lashes properly.The top bristles of the brush are bigger than the bottom ones and then there's this 'round spiky' bristles on the edge. UH so bad at describing. I quite like this mainly because of the length and how I wont have to use wipes and fix the eyes while trying to get the inner corner lashes.

3- Collection 2000 Extreme
This one is a coloured lengthening mascara and comes in other colours as well but I have black.The brush is really dense and packed together in a way which is probably why there is a lot of length added on the lashes. The bristles are quite short in length but they kinda increase in size along the way. I usually use this as a night time thing. Overall I quite like its formula.

4- 17 Va Va Voom
This is from 17 and comes in about 3 or 4 colours.I got mine in electric blue which is a gorgeous vibrant blue that truly shows up as I have been complimented on this many times.It gave me a lot of volume and length and I absolutely love the oversized brush. Its huge! It promises to deliver a false lash effect and that you can apply it in many coats without it clumping. I only used one coat and it the job. Recommended by me.

5- Natural Collection Lash Curl
Now this only costs £1.99 which is a bargain. Often when products are so cheap its natural to assume that they wont work properly but this is my favourite for daytime. It makes your lashes appear natural, giving them a nice lift. It also separates your lashes so no clumping.The formula is slightly wet and the brush is in a spiral motion.


  1. Nice favourites! I love Loreal. You should try out Rimmel's mascaras too, they have some really great ones.

  2. For some reason Ive never tried a Rimmel Mascara....Maybe its time to that hahah x

  3. Great review. Have you tried Maybelline`s great lash mascara? Its cheap and favorite of many top makeup artists.Did you Maybelline actually INVENTED mascara :)

  4. i really want to give the natural collection one a go!


  5. i love posts such as this.. very detailed with lots of pictures.. and who doesnt love a bargain from the drugstore?

    thanks for dropping by and leaving ur comment!


  6. I love reading your reviews! They always make me want to go buy the products hahaha! Va Va Voom looks the most appealing to me. Great post!



  7. thanks guys :)
    @azu yeah try the va va voom its really great comes in other colours as well :)
    @nelly thankiess :D
    @nana the natural collection one is a bargain!!! :D

  8. me too like L'oreal Paris Volume Shocking mascara... thanx for sharing ur fav stuff....


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