17 June 2011

Nude Hues?

Nude, nude, nude...its everywhere and one of my personal favourites.From runways to red carpets, nude is everywhere. And its not only cream or white but also other nude shades such as browns, golds and baby pink.

Source- The Telegraph- collaged

These barley there hues are proven to be a hit on the red carpet and on the runways, so why not have at least one nude shade item in our wardrobes?
Since colour blocking and 'pop' colours are in trend as well, the nude shades offer an elegant alternative to these which shows off your elegant and sophisticated side.

Source- The Telegraph- collaged

Source- The Telegraph- collaged

Mila Kunis looks amazing in her maxi dress and so does Taylor Swift. I also love how their make up is so natural and the use of limited accessories which bring all the attention to their dresses and elegance. Deffo a statement.

Source- Google images

So will you be following this trend?

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